Israel Institute for Leadership and Governance – February 2012 Update

Ten billion dollars. This is the estimated sum that the Government of Israel is investing in order to move major army bases to the Negev (in the south of Israel). It is clear that this investment presents a potential turning point for the southern Israeli periphery, an opportunity to improve the quality of life for […]

Israel Institute for Leadership and Governance – January 2012 Update

The question on the table is how to break institutional silos and bring influential partners together – this is one of the key ingredients needed to create systemic impact in Israel. A few weeks ago, my staff and I visited Tzfat, a city in Northern Israel, which suffers from high poverty levels and high rates […]

Israel Institute for Leadership and Governance – December 2011 Update

Dear All, When we partnered with Penni and Stephen Weinberg four years ago to establish the Penni and Stephen Weinberg Center for Lay Leadership, the concept of lay leadership as known in the United States was almost unknown in Israel. Since then, the Center has made significant progress in encouraging Israel’s emerging lay leaders to […]

Israel Institute for Leadership and Governance – November 2011 Update

Dear Friend,  I am extremely pleased to announce that we have signed a groundbreaking contract with the Government of Israel for the establishment of the Center for Public Leadership, the first of three partnerships that will form the base for the ‘JDC Institute for Leadership and Governance’. The Center for  for Public Leadership will conduct training programs for senior […]

Israel Institute for Leadership and Governance – October 2011 Update

Dear friends, As Rosh Hashanah approaches, I thought it would be a good opportunity to update you on the progress of the JDC Institute for Leadership and Governance. This past year has been very significant for the development of the Institute. Thus far, nine director-generals of government ministries, and five ministers, have expressed their support […]