Waris Dirie – Feminine leadership at its best

Waris Dirie is a very special woman, a true leader who uprooted herself from her family and her homeland, and reinvented herself in the world; a woman who became an ambassador of change. She is an inspiring woman; a fearless woman who does it all using peaceful words,

JDC Institute for Leadership and Governance- Snapshot of 2012 Activities

The JDC Institute for Leadership and Governance works with the top leaders of Israel – philanthropists, lay leaders, senior government officials, mayors and municipal leaders. Its vision is to bring leaders together to achieve wide, measurable, and sustainable social impact in Israel; this includes improving the quality of life of the most vulnerable populations, and […]

Monhtly update – October 2012

 I would like to share an article I recently wrote, which focuses on the challenges facing the public sector in Israel. It was published in the Haaretz newspaperin The Marker section. The JDC Institute for Leadership and Governance aims to help in addressing some of the challenges stated in the article. We work closely with our government partners to bring senior civil servants to work together, break silos, and form collaborations which are oriented towards making an impact.

Ben Gurion`s Brilliant leadership

Thanks to Helen Abeles, a true business leader and a friend In 1954, when Ben Gurion was prime minister, he travelled to the USA to meet with President Eisenhower to request his assistance and support in the early and difficult days of the State of Israel. John Foster Dulles who was the then secretary of […]

Israel Institute for Leadership and Governance – August 2012 Update

  Create your future from your future, not your past. Werner Erhard   Dear All, Governments are responsible for planning and implementing policy. One of the most significant challenges facing the government of Israel is investing resources and efforts in planning for the future, including social and economic planning for the mid and long term. […]

Israel Institute for Leadership and Governance – July 2012 Update

Dear All, Leaders of Israel’s small, fragmented local authorities in the periphery, face a barrier in terms of their capacity to provide crucial services for their residents, in areas such as education, welfare, and employment. However, through cooperation between mayors, and the development of sustainable regional projects, the region’s resources can become assets for its […]

Israel Institute for Leadership and Governance – June 2012 Update

Dear All, We see a critical need to break silos in the government, bring senior civil servants to work together, and form new partnerships. These needs were addressed in two high-profile conferences which were held recently: 1. Last month, for the first time in Israel, a conference was held for the heads of all Government […]

Israel Institute for Leadership and Governance – May 2012 Update

Dear All, The social protest movement of 2011 brought Israel’s pressing challenges to the forefront, and highlighted the country’s need for a robust voluntary sector. The collective potential of this sector is heavily influenced by the executive directors of its non-profit organizations. The key question is: do they have the capacity, inspiration and team spirit […]

Israel Institute for Leadership and Governance – April 2012 Update

Israel’s Civil Service Commissioner, the Director-General of the Ministry of Education, and 25 other senior executives participated in our recent Program for Senior Civil Servants. This is one of our flagship programs. Many in the highest levels of the civil service aim to participate in it – we usually have 3-4 candidates competing for each […]

Israel Institute for Leadership and Governance – March 2012 Update

Dear All, This month, I would like to share with you a short summary of the Institute’s work in 2011, mainly the development of our strategies for change, and the status of the Institute and its three Centers. Our Strategies Over the year we invested considerable energy in crystalizing the Institute’s approach. We understood that […]